bigstock-Fantastic-job-Excited-young-b-43339384_smallThe Evangelism Tools that we equip people with (Gospel in 7 or G7) are being used around the world and we are measuring the ‘results’ of that activity online. The banner below shows how many people have been trained and the number of people that have been reached with the Gospel by those who have been trained.  There is also current statistics showing the nationalities of people being reached (see below) and what churches are actively involved.

How will we know as a Church how we are going with our task of going into all the world with the Gospel if we don’t record how we are going? How will we know whether the G7 is being used if we don’t record results? We would encourage all those using the G7 to be a part of the worldwide team of people logging on results and being an encouragement to one another.

There is many people sharing the Gospel in many ways around the world, but this website is recording only those reached with the G7 specifically. Results have been recorded since 1 June 2000. There are many many people using the G7 that aren’t recording results on the website, so the figures are way under what they are in reality, but knowing this it makes the figures even more encouraging!