I have always found Stu to have a great sense of diversity with the way he communicates to all different types of people.  He speaks with the other person in mind to achieve his ultimate mission of communicating the gospel clearly in a way they will understand, and receive.
I have found Stu to be rock solid on the message he proclaims and the mission he is going hard after, but he is ‘all things to all men’ in his ministry.  He will do whatever it takes, enter all fields that need reaching and preach courageously the gospel.
Stu is easily understood, a clear communicator of his message, trained and succinct in every aspect of his communication.  He is adaptable to settings in his style of communication.
Stu has a real positive attitude that takes him into the realm of faith living and seeing God provide is a normal part of Stu’s life.  Problem solving is something that Stu does well, and God always lead him in the answers.
Stu is building his ministry to be self sustainable.  As he continues training seminars they cover their own expenses.  Eventually there needs to be a salary component to the ministry OR a growing support team to provide an income for his family.
Stu teaches biblical principles and truth that can be transferred easily between cultures. He presents the gospel in such a clear and simple format that he can teach nationals to also do the same.  He is a true evangelist in that he trains others to do the work of evangelism by modelling and teaching.  In saying this his identified people group really is all people who will listen and be trained to witness.
Stu is motivated, called, focused, dedicated, and will not let you down.  I believe he will achieve all he has set out to do and been called by God to accomplish.

Ps Troy Beer
Axis Church