As Senior Pastor of Kenmore Baptist Church, a large church of over 2000 people in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, I along with a number of people in our congregation, have received evangelism training through Train to Proclaim Ministry under the leadership of Stu Millar.

Formerly as a Director of Church Dynamics (Campus Crusade for Christ Australia) I have personally trained thousands of people in evangelism in local churches, and in receiving training with Stu, have had every opportunity to compare methodology, cultural relevance, training skills, training materials, and effectiveness.

My assessment in these areas is as follows:

Methodology: Very well thought through and practiced methods that could be easily learned and applied by most people in the congregation regardless of age, background, gender, or spiritual maturity.

Cultural relevance: The methods and materials have been initially developed in New Zealand and now are progressively being refined in Australia. As new ideas and innovations are suggested or discovered, they too as appropriate are being mapped into the training and materials. We found no cultural problems at all with either the materials or methodology, which was low key, highly relational, logical and easily understood.

Training skills: Stu is an excellent relater as well as trainer, who knows his material very well and communicates it in a fun way that disarms most people’s fears and concerns. Presentations use a variety of teaching and communication skills which promote quality learning through engagement of trainees.

Training materials: The training materials are well presented in both written and visual form. They are theologically accurate and comprehensive, yet easily understood. Particularly encouraging is the additional resource material of books, articles, and DVD’s.

Effectiveness: Whilst evangelism success is in large part predicated on the personality and skill of the evangelist, any person with a heart for God, a heart for evangelism, and a moderate confidence, will be made considerably more effective through this training. We saw a number of people confidently shared with throughout the training, which actually took people into the field into real life situation under Stu’s mentorship, and a number of those shared with actually come to faith. I was particularly impressed with Stu’s high level commitment to personally taking people into shopping centers, parks and gardens to see him share and then to personally experience sharing their faith.

In summary, I highly recommend this ministry to you, and would be pleased to talk personally with you. I can be contacted on 07 3378 3595 or on email: Stu at all times worked under the authority of church leadership, and was readily obliging in fitting in well with our many church commitment.



Yours faithfully

Ric Benson

Senior Pastor