Hi Stu, as I write this, I am leading a YWAM outreach team in a town called Darjeeling, India. We have been working with a church that is passionate about evangelism, and we have been doing “open airs” in the town for several weeks now. I preached last week to a crowd of at least 70 last week, the whole gospel, laying out sin, Lordship, everything. It just came out, and I know God was speaking through me. I think back to my Discipleship Training School though, where you came and taught us about evangelism and the brilliant tool “The G7”, and I know that that is when God really kickstarted me with evangelism. I heard for the first time during your teaching what the core of the gospel really is, and how satan is stopping christians from sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ (using either fear or theology for example). Through the G7, I learnt a format of delivering the gospel that is very effective. In India, (and back home as well), I have regularly used material from the G7 because it does indeed contain the important parts of the biblical gospel. So thank you again Stu for taking the time to speak to our DTS back in 2004, your teaching, and learning how to use the G7 booklet were a real springboard for me. As well as kickstarting me into a lifestyle of evangelism myself, it has also spurred me into teaching others in the church how to evangelise.

Chris Chirnside
Staff – “MAD DTS”
Youth With A Mission. Brisbane