To whom it may concern,

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter in reference to Stu Millar from Train to Proclaim. I have known Stu for approx four years. Firstly as an invited evangelist … to facilitate his evangelism program within our church. And secondly now as his Pastor since relocated to Australia eighteen months ago.

During my time of knowing Stu I have found him to be a person of high moral standard. He has a heart after the Lord to do His will and to fulfil God’s purpose for his life. His evangelistic gift upon his life is evident in his commitment to reach all people groups for Jesus Christ and to assist in equipping the saints for the ministry of sharing the Gospel. I have experienced many evangelists during my time in ministry who talk the talk but very often are not actually out there personally evangelising and giving practical teaching on how to share the good news. Stu’s commitment is very evident in the Why Ministries website statistics.  He has personally witnessed to over 28,000 people over the last 6 years alone and having his longest record for sharing the gospel every day to at least one person being over 800 days straight. These statistics speaks volumes to me regarding his heart for the lost.

I have also had the privilege to have him accompany me on a recent missions trip to the Philippines where he had the opportunity to preach the gospel each night during our 3 day crusade and to teach his Train to Proclaim evangelism course (The Seed)  to 187 pastors and leaders at our two day leadership seminar in Bobon. While there I witnessed his vibrant desire to reach all that are lost as he also pursued the opportunity to share the gospel message to 900 high school students at Bobon in his free time.

Stu is very culturally aware to all people groups. As I witnessed him ministering and teaching through an interpreter he adapted his message by speaking accordingly to ensure maximum impact and cultural sensitivity. Stu has also ministered to many different denominations and again his style of evangelism and teaching is culturally sensitive to all streams of Christianity.

Over the past years and especially during our recent missions trip, I witnessed that Stu had excellent problem solving capabilities as he handled unforseen pressures and challenges which came along, while still being very sensitive and respectful to those around him or involved within the crisis. I believe this quality is fruit from his dedication to his personal spiritual growth and submission to God in all things.

I have been involved in a few of his seminars and have personally gone out witnessing with him on a number of occasions and have found his communication skills and interpersonal abilities have been outstanding. He teaches and speaks to people with a genuine heart to listen to what others are saying, and gives time to people to explain what he is presenting in detail.

As a board member within his organisation of Train to Proclaim, I have witnessed that Stu is very diligent in his quest to ensure that all funds given are used to produce maximum impact for the ongoing viability of the ministry. He is a visionary leader and one who endeavours faithfully to acquire resources and finance to maintain and execute the vision that the Lord has given him. Stu is a person of high integrity, accountability and honesty. It is because of these attributes that I have no hesitation in writing this personal reference for him, and to recommend anyone to support the mission mandate that God has given him in equipping the saints to share the full gospel of Jesus Christ

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number.

Yours in His service

Rev Peter Holmes
Senior Minister
The Rock Christian Church