This is a plan for church leaders to help activate and empower Christians to be involved in spreading the Gospel.  It recognises that everyone is at different stages and doesn’t pressure anyone to have to do evangelism in a particular way, or to be uncomfortable and fearful about evangelism.  It starts at a level where there is no fear and no skill involved at all (a two year old can start at Level 1).  It then provides a path for progress in evangelism whereby as confidence increases and as the Lord leads, people can then move on to more challenging Levels.  But no one is forced to do something that they are uncomfortable with and yet everyone can be stretched and challenged to go beyond where they are at.


Download a PDF of the plan to be printed here.


You may not be familiar with some of the tools mentioned in the 7 Level Plan so I have highlighted some below.  They can be purchased through our webstore, click on the menu “Store” above.

The cards look like this:
answersaboutlife cards
Very simple but effective and so easy to give out.


The tracts that I recommend people use is The Test, these are well produced, easy to read, and printed in 23 different languages (each with different covers).  Contact me about how to get some printed for you.  Here is a picture of the Ozzie Test:

Test Tract Front


The DVD’s with the Video G7  have 3 different printed fronts (the video is exactly the same on all of them) and look like this:
All three DVD covers small