Smartphones, Tablets and PDA’s. 

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone, Tablet, Windows phone or PDA?  We have interactive and video versions for each.  The new G7 App is so easy to use, the words are all there for you, just read and tap! Jargon-free, customisable, and interactive. Check it out here …


Multimedia Gospel for PC and Mac

A powerful interactive presentation and a video presentation used to reach individuals, crowds and for use on websites. With the Interactive G7 you have the option of having the words down the bottom and also to choose the length of the presentation.  Click here for more info, here for a demo, here for the new Video G7 or download for FREE!


Laminated G7

In our training events, we equip people with this booklet as not everyone has a smartphone or tablet and you can’t really carry a PC or laptop around with you!   This booklet is laminated with diagrams on one side and words on the other.  You use a dry erase pen that easily wipes off afterwards.  View here as a PDF or Download here.

 Passion_and_You Front_Cover_small

Follow Up Booklet

View a pdf of the booklet that we use as a follow up to sharing the Gospel.  This is not a tract to hand out in the street, but a comprehensive follow up booklet to leave with people who have heard the Gospel.  Inside you will see that it contains the Gospel, how to become a Christian, what happens AFTER you become a Christian and also a website link to answer questions that they may have.  The ideal booklet to give someone after sharing the Gospel.  And a great resource for Christians.  Not only does this booklet contain comprehensive information on how to be become a Christian and the steps to take after doing so, the website link is great to refer people to if they ask a question that you can’t answer.  “Have a look at this website, it explains it a lot better than I can”.  Helps to take the pressure off for those who fear being asked a question they can’t answer.  Click here for the Printers PDF Version with crop marks so this can be downloaded and printed locally in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


Motivational Testimony

Mr Jenner devoted his life to spreading the Gospel using tracts. The results were stunning. This amazing testimony will encourage and challenge you to go out with the Gospel – even to total strangers.  Click here to listen online or here to download.

  G7Manual copy

Apologetics and Training Resources

The Seven Level Evangelism Plan (mobilise your whole church through this strategy)
The miracle of the Bible and how we know it is true
Isn’t this presentation just your ‘interpretation’ of the Bible?
The 10 most common arguments that you will encounter
Training Manual – entire contents

Note: All downloads and use of free resources are subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions