For key church leaders and their passionate evangelisers


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1.  Bridging the Divide

What’s with the tension between Pastors and Evangelists?

Reach-People_Session title1


2.  The way forward

How can we work together?

Reach-People_Session title2


3. How to establish a team  

Working with your Pastor to set up an outreach team

Reach-People_Session title3


4. What’s your approach?

An honest look at an important issue that divides

Reach-People_Session title4


 5. What we say and how we say it

Communication keys to presenting the Gospel well

Reach-People_Session title5


6. The Conversational Approach

Keys to reaching a post-modern multi-religious worldview

Reach-People_Session title6


7. Gospel Tools

Hacks, tracts and Apps.

Reach-People_Session title7


8. Street and Festival Conversations

Making ‘Cold turkey’ evangelism work

Reach-People_Session title8


9. Door to Door Conversations

Approaches that are working well today

Reach-People_Session title9

10. Make the difference!

We have an opportunity to change the world!

Reach-People_Session title10


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