NOTE: This series is being released in November 2018.  Watch this space!




The Gospel in 7 video training series of 7 sessions is designed to equip and empower people to lovingly share the Gospel through the G7, a 5-7 minute contemporary Gospel message.

“As a full time evangelist for over 25 years, I have never seen a better tool. Let’s get rid of the religious jargon and antiquated tools and connect Christ to those around us with a modern, biblically sound and interesting presentation.”


This Series is  show you everything you need to learn how to create opportunities and to share a clear accurate Gospel message.  The evangelism tool used is the G7 or Gospel in 7, which can be used as an app on your smartphone or through booklet form. See here for an overview of the G7 app.

The 7 video sessions and accompanying manual have been specifically designed for a home/cell/life group environment utilizing a mixture of:
– motivation for evangelism,
– training in how to share the gospel,
– the theology behind the gospel
– video footage of evangelism with real people in different situations
– discussion questions to engage with your group.

The Theology parts help you understand what the Gospel is, the underlying biblical basis for the presentation and the keys to making the most out of the tools. It covers why we say what we say, a biblical understanding of repentance, salvation, sanctification etc., and how to deal with difficult situations and people.

The online videos or DVD’s provides the flexibility to run the training in whatever format you like.  Individuals, small groups or even whole churches (through a data projector) can utilize the training.  This product, like all our resources, is available for free to make it more accessible to many more Christians around the world. You can also choose order the DVD.

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