From Farayi in Brisbane:

Farayi from Brisbane …

“I shared the G7 gospel with a certain lady at South Bank. At the end of my G7 presentation the lady said she wanted to explore it further. After 5 days I saw a voice message on my phone. “Hi, I want to go to heaven I really don’t know what to do. I am devasted and I want to go on the Sydney harbour bridge and jump down hopefully God will forgive me.  You shared with me how to go to heaven and my heart was ripped to pieces. I am addicted to meth and love my meth but it’s really hard to get out of meth you know…”
I couldn’t call back this lady as the mobile number  only showed unknown. However, I started to pray … Then after a few days I got a call and she started by asking me how she can go to heaven. Then I asked her if she understood the presentation I had done with her and she said yes. This time her voice was different and seemed to have been very normal. I said to her if you want to go to heaven you must surrender your life to Jesus Christ. I asked her again if she wants to give her life to Jesus Christ and she said yes. She was almost crying. I then asked her to repeat after me the sinner’s prayer, which she gladly did. …” … Read more here

Praise the Lord!  God is at work in people’s lives!

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